About ethnologix

We approach client studies with a unique skill set that includes formal anthropological methods, empathetic observation and interviewing backed by academic, consumer, and business-related experience.  In order to connect the dots between clients and their most coveted consumer segments, we combine social and consumer-related ethnography as an approach to understanding people in the lived context they share with products, services and brands.

Susanna (Whitmore) Fránek

Cultural Anthropologist / Ethnographer / Focus Group Moderator

Susanna combines social and consumer-related ethnography with visual documentation (filmmaking and photography), and conducts studies among Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African American and general market communities within the U.S. For the past 15 years she has been involved in multicultural research projects in the food, beverage, CPG, pharmaceutical/healthcare, automotive and retail categories. She spent a total of 12 years abroad, living and traveling extensively in both Mexico and Spain and speaks Spanish fluently. With an MA in cultural anthropology and training in mediation and conflict resolution, she’s an adept ethnographer. Her moderation style is uniquely personal and deep.

Anna Gruben

Ethnographer / Community Advocacy Consultant

Anna is a research professional specializing in qualitative and ethnographic analysis and project management. She offers a unique and diverse set of skills developed as a political and social ethnographer in Chile, a Fulbright-Hays and Ford fellow in Brazil, an assistant professor of Political Science and Latin American Studies and, most recently, a consumer market and community advocacy researcher focusing on Latinos in the US. Anna combines her social sciences background in academia with her immersive experience in participant observation to develop insight about consumer market behavior and community capacity building in the areas of health and social services. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has worked and lived in the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Ethnologix has relationships with an extensive pool of savvy, multicultural independent qualitative research consultants. We staff our projects accordingly by pairing up the best-suited team to ensure category and consumer segment knowledge, quality actionable insights, and highly professional and timely customer service.