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Visualizing Language: Oaxaca in L.A.

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I was so blown away by the new murals, painted by Oaxacan collective Tlacolulokos, recently placed in the rotunda at Central Library downtown LA. The murals represent Oaxacan/Zapotec culture in L.A. and speak to the

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About ethnologix

Ethnologix is a full service qualitative research firm that specializes in ethnographic consumer studies among U.S. general market and ethnic segments. As trained anthropologists, we offer culturally relevant expertise coupled with actionable business-appropriate deliverables to ensure successful outcomes for our clients’ marketing communication and creative strategies.

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Video ethnography

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Our analysis is culturally focused/theoretically framed, be it when we’re with consumers in-home or while shopping, with groups and individuals in a facility focus group/IDI setting, or in an online format. Highly skilled at developing rapport with people from all walks of life, we take a collaborative approach that encourages substantial interaction with participants. At the back end, we supplement our projects, be it out-in-the field experiences or for report deliverables, with professional photographic images and/or video footage to illustrate key findings.

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We pull from a wide range of data sources that point out symbolic and social meanings that are important to consumption and that allow us to get up close into the messier contextual details of consumer life. Multiple data collection helps ensure we don’t overlook important but subtle information. Likewise, it uncovers contrasting as well as unifying behaviors among consumer groups to inform solid frameworks for marketing strategy.

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