We don’t shy away from the use of multiple data collection methods. This distinguishes us as ethnographers and not just moderators. Every bit of data counts in developing environmental portraits and narratives that go deep into lifestyles, identity formation, memory, consumption patterns and behaviors, etc.

Online Qualitative Methods: Supplements in-person ethnographic data collection through exploring intimate, honest, authentic moments of consumer’s lives when we can’t be present. They bring us their lives with easy-to-use reporting tools, photo & video diaries and journals, allowing us to catch the immediacy of emotionally connected elements of their lives.

Participant observation: As cultural insiders, our observational skills are highly developed to help frame the nuance of language (vocabulary and idiomatic expressions), cultural traditions, explicit awareness of details including the mundane, maintainence of objectivity while developing rapport, and story narration.

Metaphors & Archetypes: Exploring key universal symbols, systems and stories allows marketers to gain an understanding of the multiple ways consumers make choices. In keeping with the instinctive and intuitive side of human behavior, metaphors and archetypes enable clients to explore branding issues in more powerful, creative new ways.

Projective Techniques:  We provoke the imagination and creativity of respondents by organically integrating projective techniques to draw out emotional, non-linear responses. They usually involve completing an incomplete thought or stimulus, as well as placing respondents in an unlikely or unfamiliar role or frame of mind. We implement sensory exercises to yield benefits, sensations and metaphors that can later inform marketing strategy.